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CT Scan

Our state of the art CT scanner generates excellent images of the chest, abdomen, pelvis, spine, brain, neck, and joints. We also examine the arteries using an injected dying agent to enhance the blood vessels. This is a non-surgical way to examine the body's vascular system. Our CT Scanner uses low dose CT 64 slice scanner that saves 40% on patient dose. 

MRI Scan

The most advanced magnetic resonance imaging available, and is most notably better than lesser units for imaging of the brain, spine, joints, abdomen and pelvis.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique that is used to generate real-time images of your body’s internal structures. Through a series of high-frequency sound waves, ultrasound technology allows for the visualization of blood vessels, internal organs, joints throughout the body, or fetal development. General Ultrasound • OB/GYN • Vascular.

Digital X-Ray

An X-ray is a painless and quick test for the patient to endure. It involves exposing the part of the body that is being examined to a small dose of ionizing radiation to produce pictures of the inside of the body.

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